2015 Sundance Film Festival Live Awards Updates

Hi everyone, and welcome to the live blog for the 2015 Sundance Film Festival Awards Ceremony. We’re Eric Hynes, Jeremy Kinser, and Nate von Zumwalt, and we’ll be your eyes and ears for tonight’s festivities.

View the full list of winners at a glance. Also, video of the ceremony is on our YouTube channel.


Tig talks about the positive feedback from her girlfriend about her script for the night:”Now I’m starting to wonder if she just wanted to see an awkward situation happen.”

Roger Ross Williams presents. “Anyone who has ever worked as as director will have respect for what it took to make this film. His confident hand takes us into a world where we see both brutality and grace.”

Winner of the Directing Award: U.S. Documentary:

Cartel Land, directed by Matthew Heinema

Heineman: “I want to dedicate this award to those suffering from the senseless violence happening during the drug wars in Mexico. My heart goes out to all of them.”

Fukunaga comes on stage with his patented man bun.”This is awkward. Unlike Taika, I think I won an award every time i was here. So it gives me great pleasure to pass this along.” About the jury and deliberations, he said they spent 6 to 9 hours talking. Tempting as it was to give awards to everything, “We didn’t want this to be like an upper east side birthday party. It was hard to nail it down.”

Cary Fukunaga presents:

Winner of the Directing Award: U.S. Dramatic:

The Witch, directed by Robert Eggers

Eggers: “I’m trying not to throw up. First and foremost I want to thank my wife and family. I love you guys. Thanks mom. I want to thank the Sundance institute. Thank you so much for those grants/ So many understood what this film needed to be. All the investors and procures supported this film and I’m honored they were so supportive. We have so many executive producers I’m going to forget somebody so God bless you all. Of course I’m honored to be here in the company of so many artists. Ok, thank you That’s it.”

Gordon Quinn takes the stage. “We did have a wonderul time on the jury. Many of us watched the same films over and over again in a small room.”

“A subject matter this unusual may invite scrutiny. But the celebration of imagination reflects the spirit of Sundance.”

Winner of the U.S. Grand Jury Prize: Documentary:

The Wolfpack, directed by Crystal Moselle

Crystal Moselle: “Woo! Life is surreal. I don’t even know what to say right now. I stalked these kids on the street one day and here I am. Thank you Sundance and the jury. Thank you Verisimilitude and our various producers and all those boys. I know you’re watching this and I fucking love you.”

Edgar Wright presents:

Winner of the U. S. Grand Jury Prize: Dramatic:

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon

Alfonso Gomez-Rejon: “Thank you again. I think I forgot to thank Indian Paintbrush and Steven Rales for financing. I want to thank entire cast and crew actors, Thomas Mann, Olivia Cooke, RJ Cyler, Connie Britton, Nick Offerman and Molly Shannon. This movie was about processing the loss and celebrate the life of a beautiful man, my father. So thanks again for this opportunity.”

Tig returns. “And that, my new best friends. Concludes the 2015 Sundance FIlm Festival Awards Ceremony. Now it’s time to party your heads off. “

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