Park Silly Sunday Market

Park City will be hosting their 7th annual Silly Sunday festivities this year from June 8th until September 21st. It occurs every Sunday during the three-month duration from 10:00AM until 5:00PM. This event is widely known throughout the community and is a main attraction for both visitors and locals alike. During the event times, Historic Main Street is closed off to through traffic and is turned into a very fun and busy street fair.

park city silly sunday market

The point of the festival is to bring people from all over the community together for a day of friends, family and fun. It truly is an event for everyone as there are so many activities and things to do throughout the day. It is a farmer’s market, antique show and flea market all in one. There will also be live music, children’s activities, beer gardens, arts and crafts, gourmet food and much more. The aspect of this event that Park City takes the most pride in however, is the fact that not only does it make the community as a whole closer, but it is also eco-friendly, so Mother Nature is not being burdened in the process. If you’re looking for a family-friendly fun time, Park Silly Sunday may just be the activity for you! Come out and enjoy the beautiful weather, mingle with your neighbors and support the community!

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Written by LeeAnn Bellnap
Staff Writer, iParkCity®

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