Park City

Parking FAQ's



Q : How do I appeal a parking ticket?
A : Send your appeal in writing including any pertinent evidence to: Parking Services PO Box 1480 Park      City, UT�84060-1480.�All appeals must be submitted in writing.

Q : May I use my in-car meter in Swede Alley?
A : No.�There is no need to pay in Swede Alley.

Q : I have a disabled parking permit. What are my requirements when I park in pay zone?
A : Individuals with disabled permits are exempt from depositing fees in those pay stations. However,      please observe the 3-hour time limits.

Q : What is an in-car meter?
A : It is an electronic bank that hangs from the rearview mirror. The user pays only for time parked.

Q : How can I obtain a residential or employee parking permit?
A : Permits can be obtained from Parking Services at 1053 Iron Horse Drive during normal business hours.      Call (435)615-5301 for information on eligibility or other requirements.

Q : Can I return to a pay station and purchase an additional receipt to extend my allowed       parking time?
A : You are limited to the total parking time listed for that parking zone. Shorter time zones are designed      for turnover of parking spaces to increase access in high demand areas.

Q : My vehicle has a immobilization device or boot attached. How do I have it removed?
A : You must be prepared to pay all outstanding parking fines and fees with cash or a credit card. Call      Public Works at (435)615-5301 during normal business hours 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.      After hours, on weekends or holidays, call Police Dispatch at (435)615-5500.

Q : How much do I owe if my ticket shows no fine amount?
A : Nothing. Our officer elected to give you a warning ticket, but please avoid the violation in the future.

Q : I recently received a 72-hour notice for my vehicle when parked right in front of my house.       What am I required to do and why?
A : Vehicles may not be left continuously standing on a street for more than 72 hours. This is typically      enforced on a complaint, or when it becomes an obvious violation that the vehicle has been      abandonedand has not been moved for a long period of time. This regulation facilitates street      cleaning, snow removal, and identification of abandoned vehicles.